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Published Sep 22, 22
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7 Sales-Boosting Website Design Tips You Can Implement Now

If you’re a B2B company, the best tactic to increase your sales might be a simple strategy that you would never have considered. While you might not expect it, the absence of detailed contact information is regularly listed as a common frustration by potential customers. According to data by Ko, Marketing, the .

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Today, has changed the terms of their plans. (They’ve also done some redesigns on the page. I’ll cover redesign in more detail later.) Now, they use the term “new business” for the free plan. But even the newest business wants to see itself as growing, so the names encourage people to upgrade for growth.

Sometimes, you need to convince your customers to get started with your product before you even talk about price. If someone is completely sold on your product, the price will be less of a factor than if you start by explaining your plans and fees up front. To do this, remove all references to buying above the fold on your website.

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If you do this now, try testing a version of your website without the pricing option in the navigation. does a great job of promoting their product without mentioning sales on their front page. The header navigation bar doesn’t include “pricing,” “plans” or “buy,” and it’s not mentioned anywhere else on the page.

This congruence will encourage users to sign up and buy the products you have to sell. As Raphael Paulin-Daigle writes on Word, Stream, there are . First up is the scent match. Your landing page should closely resemble the layout and color scheme of the ad you’re using to promote that landing page.

You should market the landing page with the same copy (or at least the same focus) as your ad. A great example of this is . They promote low prices with the phrase “It’s the summer of great fares” on their ad. This copy and the gray background pattern are repeated on their landing page.

7 Sales-Boosting Website Design Tips You Can Implement Now

People feel most comfortable when they sense alignment in your messaging and your visual branding. Building trust is one of the . In one study, a shocking because a site lacked a trust seal, according to Acquisio. It’s that important! There are a few different ways to instill trust and provide security on your checkout page.

uses multiple trust signals, like these two their checkout page. They reassure potential customers that their information is safe and even provide a link to a detailed description of the security measures they use on their site. But to take it even a step further, you can include a certified trust seal.

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You will then have permission to display their badge. While it will boost your sales, it can cost money to have a secured site seal from these companies. If you’re unsure about which to choose, research has shown that . By proving you are to be trusted with a customer’s sensitive credit card information, you’ll skyrocket the number of sales you complete.

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I’ve already talked about how impactful testimonials can be to increase the sales on your website. But to take it to the next level, you can include further verification of your social proof. In other words, include pictures and other identifying information about the people who have endorsed your product or service.

This proves that you haven’t made up the testimonials, and it also provides a way for users to relate to the people who have written those testimonials. By providing some form of contact information, potential customers can even reach out and verify that the testimonials are valid. includes photos and Twitter usernames for the people that endorse their product.

You’re indicating that not only are your testimonials real, but you are happy to let curious visitors contact the people who’ve endorsed your product. If your sales page is an airplane, urgency is the jet fuel that propels it into the stratosphere. By providing a final end date for a promotion, launch, or sale or your product, you can drive sales from people who would normally wait to buy at a later time.

How to Increase Online Sales Fast (Guide) - Crazy Egg

First, he had a Time Left to Download button that counted down to the deadline. Second, he included the number of bundles that had already been purchased. Since there was a limited number, this increased the urgency. And finally, he included a status on the offer. With all the pieces in place, his second version looked like this.

Adding even a small indicator of urgency can make a dramatic impact on the success of your sales. For customers who are on the fence, you should provide a way to make sure that they end their transaction as satisfied customers. One of the most effective ways to do this is to offer a money-back guarantee.

Simplifying the checkout process is a great way to . Amazon has reaped untold dollars from their One-Click Ordering option, and there’s a simple reason why: We are lazy. When I say “we,” I mean you, me, and your customers. Each extra step in your checkout process makes it more complicated to complete, and adding to that process will drive away a fraction of your potential buyers.

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First, you can include all your checkout details on one page. Each new page increases the likelihood that someone will abandon the checkout process. Second, you can hide options until potential customers enter the previous information. For example, you can present a form that only requests an email address and a name.

The best way to sell is to appeal directly to your customer. And the best way to appeal to your customer is to use his or her voice in your language. Of course, it can be difficult to quote your potential customer directly. But if you conduct enough interviews with existing customers, you can find the main reasons they purchased your product or service.